New in Town Aboriginal Welcome Service is a project by Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society in partnership with Boyle Street Community Services and Boyle Street Aboriginal Services. New in Town is made possible with funding from Alberta’s Safe Communities Innovation Fund (SCIF) and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC).


Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society

Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society (Bent Arrow) is a non-profit organization that provides unique programs and services to Edmonton’s urban Aboriginal population.  Bent Arrow was created in 1994 when Brad and Shauna Seneca identified the need for programming for Aboriginal children and families based in traditional Indigenous values and teachings. Today, Bent Arrow’s mission remains to “build on the strengths of Aboriginal children, youth, and their families to enable them to develop spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally so they can walk proudly in both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.”  The organization prides itself on building relationships of trust by working closely with its partners and offering culturally based and face-to-face programming to anyone.

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Boyle Street Community Services (BSCS)


BSCSlogoBoyle Street Community Services’ mission is to “build and provide community support for people with multiple barriers to community inclusion.” Founded in 1971 with the support of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, Boyle Street started as a street-front agency called the “Co-op” in Edmonton’s inner city. Since then, through assertive outreach, client-centered case management, and hands-on problem solving, Boyle Street has helped many marginalized and high-risk people meet basic needs, develop skills, and engage with the community.

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Boyle Street Aboriginal Services (BSAS)


Boyle Street Aboriginal Services is a recently incorporated non-profit Aboriginal organization that works closely with Boyle Street Community Services to provide and enhance cultural and community development services to Aboriginals and families who are living on the street or in poverty in Edmonton. Over 70% of the clients that BSCS serves are Aboriginal. Consequently, Aboriginal staff took the initiative to make BSCS Aboriginal programming more explicit.  BSAS and BSCS are separate entities that work closely to ensure that Aboriginal people continue to receive culturally appropriate services and enhanced services as efforts are more targeted towards the needs of Aboriginal people.






Alberta’s Safe Communities Innovation Fund (SCIF)

SCIF brings together provincial and municipal governments, law enforcement agencies, community groups, the business sector and social agencies to ensure Alberta remains a place where we are all free to live, work and thrive.

Through SCIF, Alberta has been addressing crime reduction through a balanced approach based on prevention, intervention and enforcement with a firm commitment to partnerships.

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Aboriginal Affairs and Northen Development Canada (AANDC)

AANDC is one of the federal government departments responsible for meeting the Government of Canada’s obligations and commitments to First Nations, Inuit and Métis, and for fulfilling the federal government’s constitutional responsibilities in the North. AANDC supports Aboriginal people (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) and Northerners in their efforts to:

  • – improve social well-being and economic prosperity;
  • – develop healthier, more sustainable communities; and
  • – participate more fully in Canada’s political, social and economic development – to the benefit of all Canadians.

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