The New in Town Aboriginal Welcome Service (New in Town) is a project by Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society in partnership with Boyle Street Community Services and Boyle Street Aboriginal Services. Rapid changes associated with urban living, loss of traditional supports, difficulty in identifying and accessing services, and trouble getting housing, employment, education, and child and health care for various reasons are some of the challenges that newcomers might confront. The organizations recognized a need to assist people transitioning to Edmonton whether they are planning to move here, already live here, are moving back, or are transitioning from a corrections facility.


New in Town began operations in September 2011 and officially launched at City Hall in March 2012 with an outpouring of support and encouragement. We’d like to thank everyone, from community members and service providers to politicians, partners, and FNMI community representatives, who has contributed to helping to make New in Town a success for people transitioning to Edmonton.


Patti Brady talks about the New in Town Aboriginal Welcome Service.